UX – UI Design for your projects

Model 5 was created to provide design and engineering services in the automotive area; in its 10 years of activity, it has always provided excellent services, using all the most advanced tools and cutting-edge technologies, to best support its customers in a rapidly and continuously evolving sector. 

Consistent with this mission, following a growth program defined in 2021, Model 5 today opens a new department dedicated to UX-UI Design. This important innovation remarks even more the company’s objective of providing a complete service, capable of competently managing the complexity of entire projects. 

The automobile, and industrial products in general, have evolved considerably in the last decade: displays and sensors, touch controls, network connection systems, up to the now imminent prospect of autonomous driving, have profoundly transformed the experience in the vehicle, introducing new design variables and attributing greater importance to new design disciplines

This is why we decided to create a new department in Model 5 dedicated to UX-UI Design: a group of creative and curious people, with market analysis skills, knowledge of wireframing and usability testing, who also have a sincere passion for new technologies

A team of excellent professionals, who are not only familiar with the most used tools (Figma, Protopie, Adobe XD and many others), but who also know how to address these issues with the same competence, passion and creativity that we dedicate to every other design area.