Sketchr14 style01b

For the phases of research and definition of style, in Model 5 we employ a team of talented designers, combining excellent technical and artistic skills with the necessary concreteness, to produce fascinating and original design concepts.

Our approach is “pragmatic”, it means to take into account since the beginning the technical / economic features, considered not just as constraints, but also as inspiration source, similarly to the emotional and aesthetic factors.

The creative process is in this way fast and extremely effective and leads to the creation of a fully realistic 3D model, which allows the customer, with the help of the most advanced Virtual Reality systems, to view and evaluate the product as it was already produced.

With more than ten year of experience and several dozen products lead to production in different market sectors, our team gives the client the guarantee to finalize the project in conformity to the aesthetical concept, as well as to the cost, manufacturing and assembly constraints.