Model 5 is able to create style mock-up and prototypes, both for the automotive and industrial field, responding to any type of quality requirement. The modellery uses high level professional equipment:

  • A CMS 5-axis continuous milling machine with Fanuc control system and 16 tool changes, working with all types of resins and, only in finishing, aluminum. Maximum milling dimensions 7000 mm (x) x 3880 mm (y) x 2200 mm (z).
  • A 3-axis Rambaudi milling machine, ideal for metal milling. Maximum milling dimensions 500 mm (x) x 500 mm (y) x 700 mm (z).
  • Plotters for prototype testing with floor recessed plateau, size 6000 mm x 3000 mm.

Recently upgraded and enlarged, today the structure is able to create prototypes of any size, up to a 1:1 scale model of a car, but also details or parts of interior mock-ups, milled seat foams, hoods and details in carbon (also with aluminum inserts), both for automotive and industrial design.