Ethical Code 231/2001

The Mission

Model 5’s corporate mission is to offer its customers precise and effective projects for automotive production, starting from feasibility studies and ending with the mathematisation of finishing and bodywork elements for the realisation of moulds and equipment.

Over the course of its many years of experience, the company has pursued this objective by working in parallel on the quality of the services provided and the undisputed reliability and seriousness of its staff, aiming to integrate all levels of intervention in a manner dedicated to the specific case of the individual customer, in order to provide a highly profiled service.

The adoption of ethical code

Model 5 firmly believes that ethics in the conduct of business is the basis for success.

Model 5 has always considered it necessary to conform to ethically correct behaviour and therefore, in particular, to respect the laws, regulations and bylaws.

The attention to the promotion of an ethical conduct is now formalized also with the drafting of this document, issued by the Board of Directors of the Company, in order to confirm and fix in a document the principles of correctness, loyalty, integrity and transparency of behaviours, of the way of working and of the conduct of relationships, both within the Company and with third parties, since these are values in which Model 5 believes and that it intends to continue to promote.