Model 5 is a team of higly qualified professionals, able to develop complex projects, from the blank sheet to the final product, or to support the clients along single project steps.

The Model 5 group operates in an integrated way and today proposes itself as a single interlocutor for the whole design process, able to assist and support the customer in the realization of any type of industrial, automotive or architecture project.

The Model 5 Group consists of four different structures, supporting the client as a whole unique group, or working as four distinct structures in order to take charge of single project steps. All that is done in order to provide maximum flexibility and response speed to our clients, keeping as well the highest quality in every single phase of the process.



made | studio is the industrial design house. Here ideas take shape and become creative concepts, where artistic inspirations and technological pragmatism find an ideal synthesis.


Model 5 gives shape to the project, starting with the style definition, developing 3D Surfaces up to A-Class Surfaces and Virtual Model, using the most advanced 3D modeling software.

sm eng

SM Engineering is the structure specialized in engineering, where the project become a real product, ready to be industrialized and produced.

AM Costruzione Modelli is the ideal partner to realize and develop a physical model, from rapid prototyping parts until a whole milled model or fiberglass model.