September was the month that saw the resumption of the big salons.

IAA in Munich was the first major European automotive show with the presence of the live public for over a year. In Munich we saw the presentation of a large number of new models, concepts and ideas of mobility, all or almost all focused on the ecological and electric turning point in which we are now fully immersed. But above all, a new feeling of trust, a desire to do things, to go back to designing and investing in the automotive sector was clearly manifested.

In Italy, the Salone del Mobile in Milan, also with the presence of the public after 2 years, has brought research, creativity and design innovation back to the center of the scene, combining these themes on the most disparate product categories, automotive included.

Both salons have contributed to increasing a climate of renewed enthusiasm in the professionals and appeared as a breath of fresh air, an injection of confidence for the near future. Sensations that are added to consolidated data that see a recovery in investments and projects, constant for some months now.

The near future, in this key, can only be seen with optimism for service companies in the automotive area: those who will be able to adapt and follow the new design needs, increasingly linked to the ecological change and digitalization of the car, will have in the next months great prospects for development and growth.

For this purpose, Model 5 in recent months has launched and is implementing an expansion and growth plan for its structure, based on different lines of intervention:

  • Team development, both by increasing the number of professionals and by increasing skills; we are implementing this both through intense internal training and through a capillary recruiting plan, aimed at hiring new professionals to add to our “dream team”.
  • Technological development of the structure, with Hardware/Software equipment to better follow the evolution of the market in this sense; but also with the definitive commissioning of the new headquarters in Orbassano, TISAX certified and suitable for hosting any activity, in person or remotely, guaranteeing the highest standards of flexibility, connectivity and security.

At Model 5, we look to the future with trust, convinced that our constant spirit of research will be the engine of our growth!