The world of automotive design has always been particularly attentive to its secrets: engineering and design innovations, constitute in fact an enormous strategic and economic value, on which even the future of companies can largely depend.

Hence the historical need, for suppliers of design and engineering services, to operate most of the time within the physical perimeter of the client companies, in their super-controlled engineering and design departments: to actually respond to 2 fundamental needs, data secrecy and the ease of coordination of the work team.

Both of these needs, however, have now radically changed: in recent years there has been a continuous improvement in the quality of the internet networks, and the setup of absolute-level security protocols also for remote data sharing (such as the TISAX protocol, which guarantees the highest level of confidentiality and absolute security).

The events of the last 2 years have then forced to accelerate the widespread adoption of remote operating methodologies, making everyday normality what has actually been possible for a long time: working on the same project from every point of the earth, instantly and in maximum safety.  And in a short time it has been clear that this way of working is not only possible, but successful.

Remote work, once the necessary communication and security protocols have been ensured, allows the entire process to be more efficient: times and costs for transfer and travel, and for setting up structures and offices for every single activity, are drastically reduced. The increase in efficiency is transmitted to the entire supply chain, with a decrease in costs and tariffs, but with the same remuneration for all the players involved.

Model 5, faithful to its innovative spirit, is at the forefront of this new evolution of operating methods, thanks to the new headquarters in Orbassano. Inaugurated in 2020, it is equipped with a state-of-the-art network infrastructure, which allows effective and very high-speed data sharing; it is also TISAX certified, guaranteeing the highest levels of protection and confidentiality of information.

Thanks to this Model 5 is now able to manage design and engineering activities completely remotely, interfacing in real time with every corner of the planet with the maximum safety.

Model 5 gives shape to your projects.