2024, which has just begun, promises to be an extremely important year, a true watershed destined to mark a “before” and an “after” for our sector and also for Model 5.

First of all, the new year will mark the advent of AI as an increasingly essential element in automotive design, specifically in the creative area. Similarly to what happened at the beginning of the 2000s for web-based technologies and applications, in just a few months AI-related applications have gone from pioneering experiments to real tools.

In this sense, 2024 will mark a decisive acceleration, on the one hand with an increasingly deeper penetration of AI in all phases of the creative project, on the other with the birth of increasingly structured and complex contents, such as videos and multimedia applications AI-based.

This is linked to the second aspect, the ever-increasing importance of UX/UI Design in the automotive project.

Two processes, which have been underway for some years now, contribute to this: the dematerialisation of automotive interiors, in which the hardware component gradually disappears, replaced by a software experience; and the increasingly complexity of the functions present in the vehicle, which require the definition of a vision of the experience to be lived by the user, be it driver or passenger.

Model 5 is ready to take on both of these challenges: since last year we have activated the UX/UI Design department, which is constantly growing and which aims to offer the same excellent level of quality to which we have accustomed our customers in the other design disciplines.

As regards AI-Based technologies, many of our designers already use them in their normal daily workflow. Furthermore, in order to fully study the potential of these tools, we have funded and developed an entire internal research project, which will be revealed over the course of the year and whose creative phase has been totally supported by extensive use of AI.

Last but not least, this year marks 10 years of Model 5.

A company born from the determination of the 5 partners, initially surrounded by the skepticism of many colleagues and competitors, and supported instead by the trust of some partners and customers, many of whom continue to collaborate with us today.

From the first group of employees/friends, thanks to the daily work of our incredible team of fantastic people and professionals, the company has grown and gradually transformed. Today Model 5 is a company recognized at an Italian and international level for the excellence of its services, which has over 40 employees and collaborators, which reaches over 60 including SM Engineering and made|studio.

To celebrate this important anniversary and raise awareness of what Model 5 has become, we are planning a series of initiatives and activities, which will be revealed throughout the year on our official channels, Linkedin / Facebook / Instagram…

Stay Tuned!