2021 ended with very positive results, for Model 5 and for our customers, to whom we have given support for several extraordinary projects. For 2022, we decided to implement an even more complex and ambitious development plan, with the aim of consolidating and strengthening the growth trend.

Some development directions continue what has already been started in recent years, especially in the Digital Modeling area: we will continue and strengthen an even greater integration of Computational Modeling skills (Grasshopper / Dynamo) now constantly required, especially in automotive projects, but not only.

A further important development will also see the use of Sub-D Modeling (Alias, Maya, Blender), which has already been among the skills used by most of our Digital Modelers for some years, but to which we will also give further impetus through specific internal training courses.

The objective of both these programs is to offer our customers a complete set of tools for 3D modeling, so as to adopt the most appropriate for each phase / type of activity: Sub-D Modeling for the conceptual phases, “Classic” Modeling  Alias/ICEM for C-Class C and up to the latest A-Classes, Computational Modeling for the creation of three-dimensional patterns.

Even more relevant is the boost that will be given to the Style Department, with the strengthening and complete reorganization of the working group. Kasra Alborz joins Model 5 as Lead Designer in charge of the Automotive Design Team based in Turin, flanking the Industrial Design Team based in Milan, coordinated by Emiliano Palma.

The goal, also for the Style Department, is to structure work groups able to offer the highest specific expertise for each type of project, integrating perfectly with the other teams of Digital Modeling, Engineering and Physical Modeling.

All these development programs have a common denominator: to be more and more alongside our customers, supporting them in a timely manner at every stage of their projects, with state-of-the-art solutions and tools from a technical and technological point of view.

With the progressive development of these programs, we are already proposing ourselves as a global partner for the management of entire turnkey projects, from the concept of style, to 3D mathematics, to the construction of physical models / prototypes and up to production.