The increasing attention to the Security and to the protection in the treatment of the data has brought to the necessity to implement processes able to guarantee the maximum security in the development of the work processes. 

We at Model5 have always been sensitive to this aspect, as we believe that Information Security Management is a fundamental aspect. In fact, since the first years of activity, we have always been committed to improving the management of all company processes. This has allowed us to obtain the AENOR ISO 9001 “Quality Management System Certificate”, a certificate that attests, year after year, to the commitment and attention that we put into our work. 

Over the years, and in 2018 specifically, our company was faced with the management of orders in the automotive sector with major German car manufacturers, so we started to hear about TISAX Certification: ” TISAX is an Automotive Assessment System based on Information Security Assessment (ISA) developed by VDA (German association of the automotive industry), to ensure the protection of information processed and exchanged between manufacturers and suppliers in the automotive industry. “ 

Model5 saw this Assessment System as consistent with its corporate mission and seized this challenge as an opportunity for improvement and growth. After a long and onerous transformation process, which involved the Infrastructure and Management part of the company, last April 2021 we were finally able to achieve the coveted and prestigious recognition of TISAX Certified Company.  

SECURE SYSTEM ACCESS – To guarantee information security, each system access must be subject to an identification and double authentication procedure. 

APPROPRIATE PHYSICAL PROTECTION OF COMPANY LOCATIONS – Unauthorised access to company premises and individual premises where information is managed must be prevented, and equipment must be secured. 

CONTINUOUS TRAINING OF PERSONNEL – Awareness of information security issues should be encouraged in all staff (employees and contractors) from the moment of selection and throughout their employment. 

These are just some of the principles, on information security management, necessary to meet TISAX requirements. Model5 is committed to maintaining its organisation in compliance with this Policy at all levels, to ensure maximum customer satisfaction in the use of our services and to safeguard and protect against all threats, internal or external, intentional or accidental, to information within the scope of our activities. 

To have reached this goal in such a complicated historical period is a reason for great pride and confidence. We hope that the future will be full of hope and opportunities and we at Model 5 have equipped ourselves in the best possible way to seize them.