The positive legacy

The rapid and unexpected emerging of new needs, linked to the continuing Coronavirus emergency, has forced companies operating in the world of design and automotive to deeply rethink their internal processes.

Model 5 has taken up this challenge as an opportunity to perfect its organization and accelerate a transition to innovative ways of working (remote and home working).

In just a few months, Model 5 completed an exceptional effort of innovation, which involved several business areas:

  • IT networks, to allow effective and secure integration between our systems and our customers’ networks, and between all members of our team, wherever they operate
  • Work organization and coordination processes, up to the daily performance of activities
  • Relations with customers, with increasingly intense dialogue and collaboration.

The goal of this effort is to guarantee our customers the same quality of service, the same privacy and information protection, the same level of flexibility guaranteed to date, while adapting to a radical change in the context.

Thanks to the completion of a sophisticated network infrastructure, and to an information management system that guarantees the highest level of data protection, according to the specifications of the TISAX Certification, this objective has not only been achieved, but also exceeded.

Our design, 3D modeling and engineering team is in fact already able to work from our offices, or even from their own home, with the same performance and the same level of data security that it would have operating in customer offices. All this in every part of the world, in total safety, in constant and instant connection with team colleagues, customer contacts, partners and all the players involved in the projects.

It’s surprising to see how, in a moment of difficulty for the whole sector, the responses we’ve been able to implement allowed us to be even closer to our customers, more interconnected, more flexible, eliminating distances and inefficiencies.

This heritage of innovation is the positive legacy that Model 5 has been able to derive from a negative moment, and which allows us to look to the future with renewed enthusiasm and with the confidence of always.