Article by Carlo Segretario

Nowadays, managing and planning the activities of a company cannot be reduced to answering the question that gives the title to my intervention

In the strategic planning of a company one can be aggressive, HUNTER, by making significant investments in infrastructures, promotion activities, hiring and training of personnel, and reducing the tariffs of the services offered as much as possible. The first goal, in this case, is to expand the commercial base and acquire new customers who, by virtue of the aggressive conditions proposed, may decide to try new suppliers, instead of the usual ones.

Or one can decide to be conservative, FARMER, working patiently to reduce business costs by eliminating unnecessary expenses, rationalizing unproductive costs for premises, travel, non-strategic activities, technological resources and non-operational personnel. The goal, in this case, is above all to maintain and retain a strong core of strategic customers, providing them with more and more attention and collaboration, in the hope that they do not chase new opportunities.

These are two different perspectives, in some ways in conflict, with a difficult point of balance to seek: MODEL 5, along the path of its young but significant history, has always tried to find precisely this point of balance, between being aggressive and being conservative.

The strategic choice of the MODEL 5 partners was to clearly identify, from the beginning, the key points for a correct development plan of the company, and to place one of the partners at the head of each department or key function, based on of the previous experiences, skills and talents of each one.

Selection and Training of the Team, Personnel Management and Logistics, Commercial Organization, Style Management, Communication and Brand Strategy, all the key functions are managed directly by each of the partners, in constant coordination and with frequent moments of mutual comparison and updating.

It is thanks to this simple and coordinated organization, lean and at the same time very agile and reactive, that MODEL 5 in these 9 years has managed, among other things, to train professionals of recognized competence in various fields, but also was able to attract experienced and talented professionals from the market; to structure its offices with state-of-the-art HW / SW technological resources, which today place it among the most advanced studios in Italy; to cross the Italian and European borders by opening a branch in Germany and activating important collaborations in the USA, Canada and ASIA.

In this sense, the GENESI project is emblematic of the balanced management described above.

All the phases, starting from the study of the Design, up to the realization of the prototype, were coordinated and directed by the board of partners, each for their own skills, and from a financial point of view evaluated within a sustainable investment plan, without affecting the economic solidity of the company.

Looking ahead, also in light of the changed context conditions, today more than ever Model 5 is committed to maintaining a high quality level of the services offered, constantly updating itself both from the point of view of the skills of the team and about the technical and infrastructural resources.

The changed conditions also require us to identify new spaces and ways in which to practice activities, while maintaining the level of quality and safety of work.

We will continue with our internationalization plan, with the aim of exporting the experience gained, and consolidating our competitive presence on international markets.

Last but not least, we will continue to propose innovation, presenting ambitious and innovative ideas, but always maintaining a rigorous balance regarding the sustainability of the expenses to be faced.